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Forest Resource Management

PHS’s infrastructure and forest management planning solutions have the potential to add value to your land and future project. As a long-standing tree harvesting company, our team has an extensive array of experience in forest resource management & forest management planning to ensure you get the most out of your harvest and that operations are kept efficient.

We have outlined our typical plan and process below, to give you an idea as to that we can do for you.

forest management planning 



This is the first stage, where we set up the job before the logging crew is onsite.  Considerations are:


  • Ensure the road to the skid is suitable for log truck access
  • Gates and entrances to sites will need to be reviewed
  • Access to your woodlot can sometimes mean gaining permission from neighbours to use their land or roads; we can work with your neighbours on your behalf to arrange a mutually acceptable access agreement


Skid Site Placement

  • We will liaise with you to find suitable Skid sites (log processing areas). These usually need to be a large flat area, approximately 60m x 40m



  • We use external roading contractors who have a strong knowledge of forestry roading requirements
  • If you have your own appropriate equipment and wish to establish any earthworks we can consult with you on this


Resource consents and environmental approval

  • Depending on the type of block and its geographic region sometimes consents for temporary land use change are required.
  • Resource consent needs to be thorough and properly put together to avoid delays, and the penalties for harvesting without one can be high.
  • If required, PHS, as part forest resource management, will liaise with the Department of Conservation or the Historic Places Trust to acquire any necessary permissions


External Contraints:

  • Road Controls and land transport liaison
    • If your trees are within 2 tree lengths of a road, the tree harvesting company will need to put together a Traffic Management Plan and get council approval to manage the traffic accordingly.
  • Liaison with gas, electricity, telephone providers
    • PHS will have identified if there are any power pylons, gas mains or telephone lines within the project site and will need to work out a strategy to exclude or minimise impact


tree harvesting company



Once the project’s infrastructure has been established we will move the logging crew onsite and oversee their operations on your behalf.

Project Harvest Prescription

  • This is a job specific document for the logging crew which advises them how PHS have set up the project and any specific instructions they will need to follow. Such as
    • Site specific hazards from a health and safety perspective
    • Environmental considerations
    • Expectation of log grade recovery and volume
    • Max tree height for safe operations
    • Latitude and longitude of site to include in their emergency procedures
    • Site contact name and phone number
    • Truck access consideration

Crew supervision

  • PHS will make regular visits to the crew, monitoring and reviewing:
    • Log quality
    • Environmental compliance
    • Safety management and paperwork
    • Logging crew competencies
  • PHS will complete a Management Report at each visit, this is discussed with the crew manager and they will be provided a copy on site.
  • There are regular internal and external audits provided on our crews.

Client engagement

PHS will visit regularly to keep you informed on project progress and update you regarding any market changes.

  • You will always have a contact number for a representative and our office number if you have anything you need to discuss.

Project tracking

  • Internally PHS provide documentation to the crews in order to track your logs and measure performance for Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental requirements.
    • Docket books to track logs leaving the site
    • Daily Work Log
    • Daily Felling Plans
    • Hazard ID Books
    • Near Miss Reports
    • Internal Audit books for Skid Work, Machine and Falling
    • Safety Inspection Checklist




  • Along with monthly payments following the 20th you will be provided a reconciliation which breaks down
    • log grades, their value and destination
    • volume to date
    • project costs


forest resource management 



Following the harvest, you will be visited by a PHS representative to go through a post-harvest project debrief.

Any questions will be answered to ensure you have understood the wood harvesting process, and at the same time this will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback.

Top tips that cost you nothing!

  1. Get your trees assessed as early as possible to get an indication of volume and infrastructure requirements
  2. Get on our newsletter market update list
  3. Phone for a chat, use us to keep yourself informed
  4. Ensure you become a priority client so we can ensure we have the crew capacity to harvest your stand when it suits you
  5. If you are looking to make changes to your land, subdividing or building - ask us for advice; our harvest plan and infrastructure planning has the potential to help you add value to your land or future project
  6. Ask lots of questions and ask for references
  1. Assessment

    Produces an estimate of your crop value based on market values and taking into account associated costs
  2. Harvest Plan

    A detailed harvest plan identifying road and skid placements
  3. Agreement

    Proposal signed and timing of operation scheduled
  4. Infrastructure

    Preparing your environment for the harvest project
  5. Tree Harvesting

    Logging crews & equipment move onsite to fall and process your trees according to the Harvest Plan
  6. Log Sales

    Negotiate the best price for your logs in the current market
  7. Land Rehabilitation

    The land rehabilition will be undertaken according to your preferences
  8. Project Completion

    Provide a detailed financial reconciliation and onsite review of harvesting operation to ensure expectations have been met