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Owning forests and woodlots is a long-term investment. To maximise the investment returns from your harvest, owners require skilled harvesting and marketing. This can only be achieved through professional harvest planning, efficient management, harvesting, and log marketing and sales.

When you’re harvesting your forest, you want to ensure your logging company take the utmost care when harvesting your investment. Professional Harvesting Systems offer a range of woodlot logging services & harvest management services to ensure that you get the return you want from your crop.

Forest harvesting management and log marketing are PHS’s core business activities and the strength upon which our company is built. We also provide advice on a variety of forestry-related topics and assist with harvesting functions independently.

If you have trees and want to know if they are worth anything or how much they are currently worth, then we can tell you. It won’t cost you anything for us to assess and give you a starting point. Our job as Harvest Managers is to ensure you get the best return for your trees. Sometimes that means waiting for your trees to gain their full potential, or perhaps you would like to regain the land or would like a cash injection. Whatever your reason for harvesting, our experienced logging company will assess and advise you as if the trees were our own crop tended with our own hands!

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harvest management 

Harvest Management

Once you sign your contract with PHS, we will manage your project with the goal of superseding the expectations presented. Much of the information detailed here is what we do for you behind the scenes and how we add value to your tree harvest.

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log marketing  

Sales Strategies &
Log Management

PHS works for you the client to get the best return that will suit your preferred strategy and risk profile. We can manage this for you in a number of ways, dependent on current market conditions and your cashflow requirements.

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advisory services  

Advisory Services

PHS can provide advice on a variety of forestry topics and are also happy to assist individuals or larger companies to design processes or assist with harvest functions independently.

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